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  Italy looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing a white V-neck, covered by a vest, and black skinny jeans.

  "Fratello, come one! We're going to be late." Romano yelled. Italy flinched. "Si, Fratello. I'm coming!" He scurried down the stairs, finding an impatient Romano. Romano grabbed his brother's arm and dragged him to the car, and drove off.

  HRE was in France's room so it would be a suprise to everyone,but mostly Italy. HRE was pacing, really wanted to see Italy. Maybe he's not coming, he might be angry with. Perhaps.

  France saw HRE's frantic face, came oer to Hre and patted him on the "Man don't you know Italy misses you. When he see's you, he'll be all over you". France's advice relieved him so much.

  "Oh la la, the guest are coming." France rushed out of the room, and he heard the door open. "Bon jour, Iggy." "DON'T CALL ME THAT, BLOODY FROG!"

  Hre heard the door open multiple time. He gulped, it was going to be a full house.
I know it's already past christmas, but who cares, it's christmas in my mind. :P

Chapter 2:
Chapter 4:
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